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Bernhard Fritz

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Bernie in his element of jammin´At the age of 7 he started his career in a Childs- Choir and Orchestra in Frankfurt with the presentation of the "Christmas- Oratorium" of Carl Orff. One year later he began his classical Piano- Tutorial for Therory, Composition and Arrangement. He continued in big steps at the age of 12 with a Vocal- Ensemble where he stood for the first time on a "real" Stage. With 13 he became his first Guitar, with 14 his first Bass Guitar and with 15 he started his first Band- Projects with Markus Dr. Eisen Eisele (Primo Music, Mr.Concert, Mama Concerts, Hoffmann, Eisele Communications) and Tom Schlüter (Cha-o, Tigerpalast(ML), RTL- Nachtshow(ML), Tommy (Musical), Tom-Schlüter-Band. He earned his first money at the age of 16 as a Guitarist in the Musical Daniel. To shorten his info (he really did a lot), here is a chronological overview:
1979-84 Singer (Tenor) and Supportmusician (Bass, Contrabass) for different Concerts, Choires; different Photoreports (Italy, Japan), Columnist, Musicjournalist.
1983-89 Study of Biology
1983-84 Nightmare (Hardrock); first meeting with Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Kansas, Deep Purple) and Band (Jerry Peak, Bass Institute Atlanta), Rod Morgernstein (Dixie Dregs, Winger); Interviews, Backstagereports.
1985-89 Los Amigos (Top40) with Sascha Siebenlist, Kristallklar (Kraut-Rock) with Markus Engel (GF Steinberg Software), Jukebox Heroes (Country, R&R), Stefan Steier (Steier Brothers). Open Air Concert with Badesalz, Floy, Elke Heidenreich, Jörg Eckrich, first meeting with Albert Lee and Sterling "BiffBaby" Ball (MusicMan-Clinic).
1990-92 Gunsmoke with Nigel Sharpe, J.P. MacAnally (Breakpoint), Casey Kessner (Rangers, Martin Mann, Convoy). Jazzfestival Frankfurt, big Party with Steve Morse and Band, Sterling Ball and Vinnie Moore. Southwest Deluxe with John Davis, O.Demi, Dietmar Wächtler (Detour, Rubber Duck, Nashville Moon, D.T.Coates).
1993-99 Flow with Anita Honis, Werner Hölscher, Ralf Schmidt (JMS Frankfurt), Jörg Ziegler (Future Music School), Mark Merritt Band with Aaron Jaeger (Silverado) and George Eichfuss (Stars&Bars, Baton Rouge).
1997 Bootleg (C&W) with Wil Ripley, Italy-Tour with Silverado, Rob Hawkins Band with Mickey Lee Jones & Kathy Kimball.
Since 1998 Tenor, Choirspeaker and Jury-Member of the Young Choir Dietzenbach.
Guestmusician for: Silverado, Stars&Bars, Daniel T. Coates, Helt Oncale, Outlaw Country, Just Country, Oakey, Westend, Texas Pride, Waymour Clayton, Mike Knowles (AFN), Borderline Country as well as different Concerts and Sessions with local Bands in America (New York, Michigan, Texas, New Orleans).
Now he finally found his way to DRIVIN´ FORCE and became a permanent Member in early 2000.

Photo: Michael Henke © 2000