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DrivinŽ Force BandphotoDRIVIN' FORCE was founded in August 1987 by Mickey Lee Jones. They startet off with Rock- Music, Oldies and Country - Standards in american Clubs. In these Clubs they met other bands, and in many sessions they got to know more and more about Country-Music. Now, that the interest was awoken, they startet to arrange and work on different songs and decided to stay with Country- Rock. In the time between 1987 - 1989 the band had to change musicans until the right "chemistry" was found. After an accident of the Bandleader in 1990, DRIVIN' FORCE had to pause for over a year, and the band had to be reformed with new musicans, who stayed until the end of 1996. In December 1996 DRIVIN' FORCE reformed again and added musicans. Early 2000 the Band had to be reformed again. This became neccesary after two bandmembers decided to join another band. Once again, Mickey had a lucky hand in chosing the musicans for the new "2000" formation.

Photo from left to right: Klaus, Judy, Bernie and Mickey
Photo: Michael Henke © 2000
Assistent: Sabine Sparks

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